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Scholarship for Peace and Security in the OSCE area

Stepping up for Peace and Security

Quote: I see there is such an immense need for female engagement in approaching issues such as arms control and disarmament. This programme intensified my belief that there is space for women to be the agents of change.”
Author: Roqia, Afghanistan, 2022
Quote: Because of [this educational programme] I confirmed to myself that what I really want to do and why. You gave a value to us and all the time encouraged us to be in frontline. I understood that there are some people that they will not stop working towards peace and security.
Author: Anonymous, 2021
Quote: This was an absolutely game-changing experience. I have taken multiple online certificate courses, but never have I experienced such an engaging program. Despite being in the (mostly) disarmament field for multiple years now, I have still learned so much - from the lessons, speakers but also from the peers in our weekly breakout sessions. It truly was such an honor to be a part of this.
Author: Anonymous, 2022
Quote: This Scholarship represents a concrete step toward young engagement and gender equality, by promoting and supporting the participation of young professionals, and in particular young women, in the peace and security sector.
Author: Adelaide, Italy, 2021
Quote: I would like to thank everyone for making this very organized and enlightening training programme happen and mostly for focusing on the gender equality issue by deciding to accept mainly women to the training and giving them a chance to participate in the in-person training. There is a huge need for female engagement in emerging issues such as arms control and disarmament!
Author: Pantagotia, Greece, 2021