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Publications related to trafficking in human beings

  • Compensation for Trafficked and Exploited Persons in the OSCE Region
    This assessment analyses the right to compensation for trafficked persons in international law through the lens of a wide range of international standards that relate to combating trafficking, the rights of crime victims, the rights of migrants, labour rights and the rights of victims of gender-based violence.
    26 May 2008
  • Building the Capacity of Roma Communities to Prevent Trafficking in Human Beings
    A report from a roundtable held in Tirana, 18-20 September 2006.
    12 June 2007
  • Using Drama for Interprofessional Co-operation in Europe: Combining Forces against Human Trafficking
    11 June 2007
  • Ensuring Human Rights Protection in Countries of Destination: Breaking the Cycle of Trafficking
    A report from an anti-trafficking conference held in Helsinki on 23-24 September 2004.
    5 August 2005
  • Trafficking in Human Beings in South Eastern Europe - Introduction
    11 April 2005
  • National Referral Mechanisms - Joining Efforts to Protect the Rights of Trafficked Persons: A Practical Handbook
    This handbook provides guidance on how to design and implement sustainable mechanisms and structures to combat human trafficking and support victims. It also provides guidance on how to monitor and build the capacity of such mechanisms and structures.
    Guide / manual / handbook
    13 May 2004
  • Reference Guide for Anti-Trafficking Legislative Review
    This reference guide aims to set up a framework for comprehensive anti-trafficking legislation in order to assist law makers and policy makers in the entire OSCE region in their efforts to adopt or review anti-trafficking legislation.
    Guide / manual / handbook
    1 September 2001
  • Europe Against Trafficking in Human Beings: Conference Report
    Final report from the 15-16 October 2001 Berlin conference.
    12 January 2001