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The integration of formerly deported people in Crimea, Ukraine: Needs assessment

A needs assessment into the situation of formerly deported people in Crimea, Ukraine, identifying the main obstacles to integration and providing recommendations to overcome these challenges.

Based on independent research commissioned by the High Commissioner on National Minorities (HCNM) and his own visits, this report seeks to provide up-to-date analysis of the current situation of national minorities in Crimea and provide recommendations for easing inter-ethnic tensions and increasing the integration of Crimean society.

The HCNM considers Crimea to be a priority because of the challenges related to the on-going return of thousands of people originally deported en masse on ethnic grounds by the Soviet regime in the 1940s.

The report covers the legal aspects of the return process; the situation of formerly deported people regarding land, housing and property; the role of the education system; the political participation of FDPs; and the current situation regarding culture, language and religion.



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